Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Time Analysis of S&P500, Tuesday May 01, 2013

Hi Traders,

Working on the timing side with Gann and Elliott together takes quite a bit of time but the outcome is amazing!

According to W.D.Gann a trend is "balanced out" when moving along a 45 degrees line, meaning that a "time unit" (a day) must be equal to a "price unit".

Alright. A time unit is "one day" but ... how many index points is a price unit in the S&P500?

I calculated (I might be wrong) that every 36 TRADING days the S&P500 should climb 118.16 points to be on a 45 degree line, meaning 3.2822 points/day which is our "price unit".

Now, check the daily chart below as I found out that, from early June 2012, the S&P500 futures recorded highs and lows every 36 days with a Swiss watch precision!

Furthermore, by combining Elliott Waves and Gann Timing you get a projection of a "possible" calendar day for the next incoming High/Low which should comes to Friday May 24 or Monday May 27, US East Coast Standard Time (a day ahead for Australia).

NOTE: I said High/Low, meaning that can be either one. I can only specify the calendar date.

Finally, take all this with a "pinch of salt" and, please, give me some feedback, included any negative "honest/competent" opinion.

PS: I've repeated this analysis with the SPI200: the new High/Low comes a trading day later.

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For the SPI200 below calculations where a bit more complicated but with the same similar (timing) Swiss precision and outcome, so I won't comment any further.

You may want to contact me for a quick chat. In meantime, check the daily chart below and the weekly chart further down which confirms the same calendar date. 

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Below the weekly chart of the SPI200

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