Friday, 9 August 2013

SPI 200, rebound and fall

Hi Traders,

The SPI200 displays a double top in the 1-hour chart. It might rebound a bit and fall further down


The weekly chart shows that, after completing wave a and wave b, the SPI200 just started wave c. This is part of the large Zig-Zag announced months ago.

up to area 5050-5056
likely: area 4830-4798
possible: area 4569-4532
maybe: area 4470-4428


Wave c (weekly chart) might end around Sept 15-22

It might rebound to the area 4993-5003 (1-hour chart). Wait for the confirmation of the wave oscillator built over the 1-hour chart and entry your trade.


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monthly chart - click to enlarge

weekly chart - click to enlarge

daily chart - click to enlarge

wave oscillator over daily chart - click to enlarge

4-hour chart - click to enlarge

wave oscillator over 4-hour chart - click to enlarge

1-hour  chart - click to enlarge

wave oscillator over 1-hour chart - click to enlarge

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