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The Australian SPI200 (now at 5630) might stop and reverse at the target at 5662 - or in the area 5662-5747. Both the Aussie SPI200 and the US S&P500 seem to be determined to end it this week.

Unless there's a last minute surprise this appears to be the end of the line  for now, although NOT the absolute end of the line. The explanation in  the Elliott Waves section below.

topping soon at:

likely: 5662
possibly: 5747

Then down to:
possibly 5200 in 61-100 days (2.0-3.3 months)


What we see now in the 1-hour chart is that the "impulse wave 5" - of a very minor degree - is pointing up to the area 5662 and maybe 5747.

But what is similarly clear in the monthly chart (and in the weekly chart) is that this is only the top of "wave 3", leaving us another 18-21 weeks to implement the "retracement wave 4" down to 5200 (likely with an a-b-c-d-e).

Once started and completed "the retracement wave 4" down to 5200 the SPI200 should make an absolute top at 5878 and maybe the area 5940-6029.

For now, this will be only the top of minor wave 3 (daily chart)

Monthly chart - click to enlarge

Weekly chart - click to enlarge

Daily chart - click to enlarge

Wave oscillator on a Daily chart - click to enlarge

4-hour chart - click to enlarge

1-hour chart - click to enlarge

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