Thursday, 19 October 2017

EURO: what's next

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Although the Euro (now at 1.181) is retracing down to 1.1773-1.1762 in the very short term (1-hour chart), it should be able to resume its limited uptrend to 1.1932 in five  waves (4-hours chart). At that level, the dominant downtrend (daily chartwill resume its course to 1.1459.


The monthly chart reveals that the EURUSD is presently unfolding a wide wave-four upwards, which is usually a very articulated a-b-c. Given that wave-a is complete, we now need to focus on the trajectory of wave-b.

Wave-b should drop the Euro to 1.1220. This should be followed by the wave-c rally to 1.24, although the final theoretical target is actually 1.3016. The blue horizontal lines mark the possible targets/supports/resistances.

The weekly chart shows that wave-b has already started its way down from the top at a. See the targets at 1.1459 and 1.1220. The blue line at 1.0889 is actually a Fibo Cluster and a very possible target too.

The daily chart displays the possible tops at 1.1930-32 which will be followed by the lows at 1.1327-1.1299 and 1.1220.

The 4-hours and the 1-hour charts reveal the short term lows at 1.1773-1.1762, followed by the top 1.1932-34.

Monthly chart, click to enlarge

Weekly chart, click to enlarge

Daily chart, click to enlarge

4-hours chart, click to enlarge

1-hour chart, click to enlarge

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