Sunday 22 April 2012

Dow Jones 30, Sunday 22, 2012

Hi Traders,

It seems that the game is over with DJ30. There's only one way: down.
This could be one of the rare chances to jump on a long downtrend from the beginning.

Now: 12,985.5
Targets: 12,220 - 11.842 - 11,175 - 10,333 - 10,000 - 9,580
Fib nodes: 10,633 (38.2%) - 9,850 (50%)

Entry point: at the opening


The weekly chart below shows the completion of 5 waves up (light blue). Note the reversal candlestick (tweezer top) in the blue rectangle.

The DJ30 in the daily chart below showcases the last major wave up with a triple top at the very end (around 13,225). It also started the downtrend with wave 1 and 2 of a minor grade (in red). Note the first target a 12,220 (support).

The 4hour chart below confirms the triple top, plus the retracement waves 1 and 2 (in orange).

The 1hour chart below confirms tha wave 5 up (in turquoise) unfolded in 5 minor waves. Note the reversal evening doji star at the top of wave 5.  


In the 15min chart below shows the evidence that wave 2 unfolded in 5 waves up. The DJ30 is now sitting on the lower end of the channel, waiting for the breakout.