Monday 24 November 2014

The Swiss referendum on Gold

Hi Traders,

Please read about Swiss referendum on gold reserves. Very interesting.

If the Swiss people see this "gold-guaranteed-Switzerland" as a good business, they will go for it.

Besides, there's a precedent that speaks out loudly: since 1968, Switzerland enormously treasured from the world inflation by getting a huge capital inflow that lasted decades.

This in turn, generated more wealth management for the banks and a lot more business for the country. 

This is a clear signal to the world that Switzerland is getting ready for the upcoming inflation and it's back into the good old role of "safe banking heaven" as usual.

Switzerland surprised me many times and may do it again, especially after the ongoing Real Estate Bubble caused by the peg to Euro.

Finally, as I said in my previous newsletters, after the Central Bank Gold Agreement (CBGA) on May 19,  the 21 European Central Banks stopped selling Gold

So, who is still selling Gold right now? Well, buckle up: volatility is coming soon.

Mario D. Conti