All free information provided by this website (named Elliott Waves & FX Tutors) is exclusively for education purposes. Although Mario D. Conti doesn't take any responsibility for the users of this website.
This information does not constitute investment advice but only a general market commentary. What you do with this information is at your own risk and responsibility.
Mario  D. Conti shares his trading decisions but none of his conclusion can be taken as a trading or investment advice. Each individual should assume that any information provided in our videos cannot be trustworthy unless verified by his/her own independent research.
Before using the FREE information educational  provided by Elliott Waves & FX Tutors you must review it and assess it with due diligence and by means of your personal judgement. The use the information provided by this website must be verified by your Licensed Broker, Investment Adviser or Financial Planner. 
Elliott Waves & FX Tutors and Mario D. Conti don't accept liabilities for any loss or damage including, without limitation, any loss or profit which may arise directly or indirectly from our comments and analysis.

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