Thursday 9 April 2015

USDSGD, starting the last rally

Hi Traders, 

The USDSGD reached the predicted target area - between the blue horizontal lines in the daily chart - and started the last rally that should take it up to the area 1.4002-1.4205 (see monthly chart)

Check the pair of horizontal blue lines in the monthly chart and in the weekly chart to visually identify the new target areas.


likely: 1.3993
possibly: 1.4048 - 1.4103
maybe: 1.4223


 The daily and the 4-hour charts display clearly that the wave 4 is fully formed. It should be followed by a rally named wave 5 that should take the USDSGD to the targets above indicated.


monthly chart - click to enlarge




weekly chart - click to enlarge


daily chart - click to enlarge


4-hour chart - click to enlarge


1-hour chart - click to enlarge