Monday 23 November 2015


Hi Traders,

Welcome to Monday in Brief. Please, see the charts after the short comment. Some targets below might take a while to be fetched. For more info, fell free to call Jade Capital Partners

In Brief:

The AUDUSD (now at 0.7234) seems to be retracing a bit down to 0.7155 and then top around 0.7300. Subsequently it should resume the downtrend to 0.6855. 

If the EURUSD (now at 1.0634) bottoms down at 1.0566, it should start a rebound up to 1.1041-1.1090. If it goes through that support at 1.0566 it might move down to 1.01-1.02.

GOLD (now at 1077) might temporarily move up a bit but is still weak and heading down to the area at 1041-1.034 or even 1009-989 before starting the new uptrend. 

Finally, even if the SPI200 (now at 5265) retrace a bit to 5160-5147, it should reach the target at 5650-5687 very soon.

AUDUSD daily, click to enlarge

EURUSD 4-hour, click to enlarge

GOLD weekly, click to enlarge

SPI200 weekly, click to enlarge