Thursday 7 May 2015

SPI 200 major reverse

Hi Traders,

First some apologies for not writing for a month but I now work for Vantage FX in Sydney and there's little time for other activities.

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The SPI 200

After hitting level 6009 (as predicted last year) the SPI 200 started reversing down and it's now close to the first low in the area 5540-5521.

After this low, it's supposed to bounce back up to 4685-5697 but only to follow with a new downtrend to 5459-5475 or even 5334-5320.

NOTE: If this wave count is correct, this major reversal could get much lower then 5000 over the medium run.


  • down to 5540-5521
  • up to 4685-5697
  • down to 5459-5475 or 5334-5320


The monthly chart shows that the 3 waves we were expecting (in blue, font 12) are fully shaped. This three waves are part of the major wave 2 (in red, font 14) that topped at 6009.

Theoretically this is it, and, unless the last minute surprise, we don't expect any wave 4 and 5 up. Basically, it's a major reversal.

The 4-hour chart shows that we have started wave 3 down but we have only completed 3 waves out of 5. Hence, expect the SPI 200 to bounce back to form wave 4 up.

 monthly chart - click to enlarge

weekly chart - click to enlarge
daily chart - click to enlarge
4-hou chart - click to enlarge