Sunday 21 February 2016


Hi Traders,

The AUDUSD is going through a wave configuration that could ultimately lead to 2 very different outcomes. Let's see what's the situation.

At the first glance, the monthly and weekly charts below seem to display a completion of all waves down, setting the stage for a major reversal.

In fact the weekly chart shows a group of 3 "fives" at the bottom right. This is normally a sign that a downtrend ended and a new uptrend just started over.

However, a more careful examination of the daily and 4-hour charts  reveals a tricky situation: although the AUDUSD is actually moving up, this could lead to  two different outcomes:
  • case one: the new major uptrend started already and the Aussie dollar is heading to 0.85.
  • case two: this is just a temporary uptrend that is heading only to 0.7849 and reversing down. 

As much depends by the current wave labeling in the daily, 4-hour and 1-hour charts below, I provided below 2 separate interpretation of the daily and 4-hour charts, named:

  • daily chart 1
  • daily chart 2
  • 4-hour chart 1
  • 4-hour chart 2


At present, case one displayed in the daily-chart-1, the 4-hour-chart-1 seem the most sensible interpretation of the wave sub-division and so the target at 0.85.

This seems to be confirmed by the wave sub-division of the 1-hour chart below.

However, Let's keep an open mind. 

PS: I'm trying to convert my newsletters into videos but I'm still learning. I'll let you know.

Monthly Chart - Click to enlarge

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