Thursday 11 April 2013

USDJPY, Thursday Apr 11, 2013

Hi Traders,

The Japanese Yen is heading to the area 101.3/101.65 and beyond, as I indicated so many times in my posts since January 2012.


Not many traders know that the USDJPY rate was fixed at ¥360 in 1949. Since then it climbed relentlessly to ¥75 in Feb 2012.

It showed some weakness only in case of OIL Shock (and subsequent Trade Deficit) and when the Asset Price Bubble burst, as it occurred in February 2002, when it reached the low at ¥134.8.

That is to say that that low at ¥134.8 could be once again a possible target.
Other Fib Nodes: ¥105.39, 112.12, 118.4, 123.2, 128.7, 134.8
Although there's no sign of trend reversal or weakness yet, the ¥ could take a break after reaching ¥101.3/65 or higher and start a large ABC retracement within the weekly chart.
The Elliott Waves in the 4 hour chart show the completion of 3 waves up (out of 5). The subsequent wave 4 should retrace a bit downwards (maybe to ¥98.6). Then Wave 5 should get the currency to ¥101.3/65.
If this happens, wave 4 should unfold with an ABC or even an ABCDE down, in the 1 hour chart. This low could be a good entry point. 

Assuming that you want to take advantage of the last rally to 101.3/65 or higher, this Entry Point for your long position should be identified through your 15 min and 5 min charts.

The low will show up at the  end of an ABC or ABCDE and should be confirmed by a strong reversal candlestick accompanied by the sign of a trend reversal in the Wave Oscillator (similar to Bollinger Bands).

If you don't know how to use the very new Wave Oscillator feel free to ask.
Below the charts
Monthly chart: click to enlarge
Weekly chart: click to enlarge
Daily chart: click to enlarge
4-hour chart: click to enlarge
 1-hour chart: click to enlarge 

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