Monday 27 October 2014

Natural Gas - Major Pivot Point

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The end of the line for Natural Gas (now at 3601) is very much in sight. This sputtering downtrend is to be followed soon by a significant reversal that would mark the beginning of a major uptrend.

The 1-hour chart (in the link below) displays the sub-minuette waves 1 and 2 (in green, bottom right) as part of a group of 5 waves down that should be fully formed at the beginning of the week.

At weekly and daily level, this is the very end of a major A-B-C retracement.
Hence, expect a major reversal.


first down to the area 3515-3475
then up to the area 4163-4187

for images please check on
Natural Gas Major Pivot Point by mariodconti

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