Monday 4 September 2017

GOLD: what's next

Hi Traders,

Gold (now at 1333) topped at 1336.82 and missed my target at 1337.3 by a whisker. After a limited retracement - theoretically, to 1322 or 1312 - it should resume the uptrend to 1532 or 1628.


The monthly chart  suggests that Gold is performing an a-b-c to 1532. The weekly chart display a set of possible targets:

- 1337
- 1433
- 1532 (my favourite)
- 1628.

The 4-hour chart  shows that Gold just started a wave extension. The 1-hour chart displays the targets at 1322 and 1312.

Monthly Chart, click to enlarge

Weekly Chart, click to enlarge

Daily Chart, click to enlarge

4-hour Chart, click to enlarge

1-hour Chart, click to enlarge

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