Tuesday 26 March 2013

EURUSD, Tuesday March 26, 2013

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Before getting into our usual analysis (today: EURUSD) let me remind you that:

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SETUP on EURUSD, Tuesday March  26, 2013, (please read our disclaimer)


The Euro, now at 1.2864, is yet to complete a pattern of 5 waves down (numbered in magenta). This pattern constitutes the "major wave 4" and it's made of 5 waves. See the monthly chart below.

Although it went nicely through a  set of 1-2-3-4 waves (in magenta), it didn't complete the last one yet which is unfolding with a 5-3-5.

More precisely, we have only a mere "5-3" out of a 5-3-5, where this "3" is usually called "2 step pattern".

After performing this "2 step pattern"  (see monthly and weekly chart below) as I predicted months ago, the Euro resumed its way down and it is now heading to 1.19 and maybe to the area 1.120-1.065.

This will be possible with 5 waves down of a minor grade, the first of which seems to be completed.

Monthly chart: click to enlarge 
NOTE: the "2 step pattern is the middle formation that links a 5-3-5 down or a 5-3-3".
In the weekly chart below, after point 4 (in magenta) we had 5 waves down followed by this "2 step pattern" which is always made of 3 waves.
This will be followed by some 5 waves down (occasionally, only 3) 
 Weekly chart: click to enlarge 

SETUP: After the "2 step pattern" in parole the EUR completed the first of  5 waves down in the Daily Chart and it's ready to bounce back upwards to make wave 2 (in 3 waves up).

Trade: long
Likely target: 1.3040
Possible target: the area 1.3120-1.3134
Maybe: 1.3160

Please check the 1-hour chart: the EURO doesn't seem to be really convinced to rebound, meaning that there could be another attempt to reach 1.283-1.284. Just keep your eyes open.

Daily chart: click to enlarge 
4-hour chart: click to enlarge 
 1-hour chart: click to enlarge 

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