Wednesday 27 March 2013

USDJPY SETUP, Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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Before getting into our usual analysis (today: USDJPY) let me remind you that:

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TOPIC: Each Wednesday we will give away precious SETUPS, ENTRY POINTS & TARGETS determined by means of a combination of Elliott Waves + Candlesticks + Fibonacci + Oscillators.

WHEN: Each Wednesday, 7:00 PM AEST (Sydney Time).

HOW LONG: 45 minutes

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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  • Attendance: limited to 6 people
  • Structure: 5 online sessions of 2 hours each
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      • Elliott Wave Theory
      • Elliott Wave Labelling
      • Shape, Amplitude and Extensions of waves
      • Type of retracements
      • New set of rules
      • Candlestick Theory
      • Identify Reversal Candlesticks and Pivot Points
      • The "Wave Oscillator" and other Indicators to confirm Pivot Points
      • Fibonacci Targets
    • the other 2 Sessions: identifying Set Ups, Triggers, Entry points, Exit Points

  • Price: $1,500 (GST included)
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To RSVP please EMAIL to info(at) to receive instructions


SETUP of USDJPY, Wednesday March  27, 2013, (please read our disclaimer)

The USDJPY is setup for the last leg up. The Elliott people calls it "the 5th of the 5th of the 5th"

This means that we've virtually completed all waves up except the very last ripple.
very likely: 95.2-95.3 and 95.54
likely: 96.28, 97.74 and 98.50
possible: 99.00 and 99.63
maybe: 100.00 and 101.200


In the 1-hour chart below, let the chart reaching the area 94.84-95.00 and then retracing down a bit to 94.45 or so. That should be a good entry for a long position to the targets above described. 

Make sure that you entry after a clear Reversal Candlestick in your 15 min chart.

Also, make sure the "wave oscillator" shows a clear reversal in your 15 min chart. 

1-hour chart: click to enlarge 


Monthly chart: click to enlarge 
Weekly chart: click to enlarge 
Daily chart: click to enlarge
4-hour chart: click to enlarge 


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